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  ● Junior Research Fellows
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Junior Research Fellows


Working Place:Shanghai


Release Date:2012/4/13


Effective Duration:60days


Specific requirements:

Job responsibilities:

1.To complete the assessment report according to the Project Manager’s comments;

2.To assist the Project Manager in collecting information required for the project design;



1.Ph. D of Laboratory Medicine;

2.M. D with at least a one-year experience in clinical research;

3.social science graduates related to medical science;


Skill requirements:

1.writing and speaking skills both in Chinese Mandarin and English;

2.articles published in international SCI Journals;

3.experience in assisting writing domestic issues of tender documents and successful experience in Fund applications.


We always welcome talented individuals interested in joining our team. Please check the site periodically for any new postings. Also, you may directly contact our Human Resources manager.



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