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The company’s chief and academic consultants are professors and senior researchers, who published numerous articles in higher journals (Nature, Science, Cell, Circulation,JBC, JCS). The company‘s academic team consists of returnees, senior clinical research experts, foreign medical professors and researcher consultants. The company’s biomedical Editorial & Translation and research consultant groups consist of returnees and professionals holding MD or Ph.D degrees in Europe or America and are specialized in clinical and biomedical science, i.e., cardiology, neurology, oncology, osteology, cytology, physiology, as well as molecular biology and others.


Academic Chief  Li Chen Ph. D

Former researcher of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical science, graduated from the University of Tokyo. During 19 years in Japan, she published more than 20 research articles in international Journals, including circulation (IF 14.595) and developed two international patents. In the same period, Dr Chen designed many research projects and hosted a number of awards. She returned to China in November 2010, and engaged in SCI publication support. Till now, she has helped many Chinese medical researchers publishing a great number of papers in SCI journals. 


A. Endler, Ph. D

Graduated from Bielefeld University, Germany (Bachelor and Master degrees), later studying in the University of Tokyo, Japan (as a Japanese-German education exchange student). After the PhD course, he returned to Germany as postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Institute of Pharmacy, University of Marburg. He is now employed as a foreign expert in the Medical School of the Tongji University, and visiting fellow of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical science. He has published a number of papers in SCI Journals, such as Circulation, JCS and others. In the last several years, he helped revising many academic papers of Chinese and Asian authors. With his professional experience, almost all the manuscripts he revised have been successfully published.


F. Shibasaki , M.D, Ph. D
Graduated from the Institute of Medical Sciences at the University of Tokyo. Originally a pneumologist in the Medical Excellence center of Japan, he became a postdoctoral fellow and lecturer in the Harvard Medical School. He is now professor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences, owns first author articles published in Nature, Sciences, Cell and others. He can provide constructive suggestions for scientific research work of our customers with his creative thinking and keen insight in the latest medical research.


D. Wolf, M.D, PhD

Professor of NCI Cancer Center Proteomics Facility, Stanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, United States. He can help to assess the quality of our customers‘ work.



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