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The latest developments

Shanghai BIOMED Science and Technology Co., Ltd. provides biomedical research support and clinical academic services. The company's academic team consists of returnees, senior clinical research experts, foreign medical professors and research consultants.

The company owns/joins several pharmaceutical international patents on angiogenesis si-RNA and is willing to develop these patents in preclinical and clinical trials cooperatively with domestic and foreign counterparts.

Depending on the demands of our customer, our range of support goes from solely translations up to complete design draw up and supervision of SCI publications, consulting of research grant applications, and clinical trials.


2  Ph. D team with overseas educational background

2  Foreign expert advisory

2  US-Japan-China research cooperation platform

2  Real-time tracking to guide academic research

2  Tailored services with rational prices

Contact Us

Advisory hotline:400-820-3901
Academic Hotline:021-65535361 公司總機:021-53060660
Contribute mailbox:sci-support@biomed-sh.com
Compile the mailbox:edit-support@biomed-sh.com
Address:Room A2804-05 Baishu Building Zhongshan Bei Yi Road Hongkou Direct, Shanghai, 200437, P. R. China

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